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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you just need to select the Cabin option from the Service dropdown to search for Crewed Cabin offers
Yes, you just need to select the Crewed option from the Service dropdown to search for Crewed yacht offers
Many yachts have a both a skipper and hostess option. You will need to look to see if the yacht you have selected offers these options.
Proof of competency requirements vary from country to country with some areas (such as Greece, Croatia and Majorca) often insisting on written proof. This can be in the form of a sailing certificate or, in some cases, a letter from a recognised yacht club. Other areas (notably the Caribbean) simply require a single page signed sailing resume. In Croatia a VHF license is expected.
As part of the booking, you will receive a temporary confirmation. After we receive your final payment, we will send you the booking confirmation and all other necessary documents for your check-in at the charter base.
As part of the budget, you should include additional fees. Catering for the crew, costs for cleaning the boat, fuel costs, tourist taxes, port fees, parking fees for your car. If you need a skipper, this also means additional costs.

We strongly advise our clients to have comprehensive holiday insurance.

On all yacht charters it is necessary to leave a refundable security deposit, this is normally paid by credit card on embarkation. It may be possible to insure this subject to whether an insurance scheme is run by the operator. Alternatively, there are some third party insurers who offer cover of your deposit. In these cases the deposit still has to be left at the base but in the event of a claim by the charter company you can reclaim the expense from the insurance company.

You can find a good range of insurance for charter at Schomacker Insurance

The security deposit is the amount with which you are liable if any damage, that is the consequence of mishandling of the boat, happens while chartering the boat. All the boats are fully insured but the security deposit still has to be left with the charter operator in cash or credit card.

The security deposit will be refunded in full unless damage or a defect on the yacht or the equipment is found at the end of the charter. Please note that the amount of security deposit is the maximum amount with which you can be charged for any damages. Everything that exceeds that amount the charter company will cover from their insurance company.

All questions and correspondence in the run up the your charter should be addressed to us here at Budget Yacht Charters. We can either answer them directly or put you in touch with the operator if you have specific questions.
Our online search engine is directly linked to all charter bases. You can see the current availability of a vessel in real time and select your vessel for a specific date. Next you send us an inquiry by filling in the form with all your information and contacts. In reply, we send you an offer with full pricing and yacht details. Hit the Confirm Booking link in the offer document to submit your order and confirm the reservation. It's that easy.
When our booking department receives your booking confirmation, we will send you a Charter Agreement (contract) and our bank account details. At this point your boat is reserved for three days. The Charter agreement should be signed and returned to us together with a proof of payment of 50% of the total indicated price. As soon we receive your down payment we will immediately send you an e-mail confirming your reservation. The balance payment of 50% needs to be at least 4 weeks before the charter starting date.
These are obligatory fees that must be paid directly to the yacht charter company at the base during your check-in. For example, a refundable deposit.
These are optional items which can be ordered and paid in addition to the base charter fee, but they are not obligatory. The payment for optional extras must be made directly to the yacht charter company at the base during your check-in. For example, an outboard engine on request or skipper if required.
Transit Log is a obligatory payment that includes fees and taxes. The payment depends on the service provider and the place of travel. If the transit log is required by the charter company, you can find this fee as an obligatory extra during the booking process. It must be paid during the check-in, when you are taking over the yacht in the base.
Mooring and marina fees, fuel cost, end charter cleaning, optional equipment, provisioning, security deposit
When you do a search, the site responds with the latest offerings from the yacht charter fleet operators. As soon as they update their offers and bookings, this site shows the same in real time.
As for a hire car, you pay for only the fuel you use. You will have a full tank of diesel on departure and you are to return it full. All yachts have diesel main engines; it is unlikely that in one week on a 37′ yacht you will burn more than 60 liters, but this depends on how much motoring you do, the size of the yacht and the sea state you encounter. This is a variable extra that you must pay. When filling the fuel tank, please ensure that you are using the correct filling point – diesel in the water tank is not fun!
All of yachts come with sheets, duvets and pillows for all berths. Boat towels are generally provided on request but we recommend bringing one or more of your own. We especially recommend you bring a beach towel as boat towels are not usually usable outside the yacht.
These range from country to country, area to area and facility to facility. You will need to ask the yacht charter operator what the local fees might be when you check-in. There are generally no charges for dropping anchor and coming ashore in your dinghy.
If included, it will be listed on the yacht inventory when you make your booking. It may also be listed as an option. You may need an outboard if you want to explore any remote island or beach. Whether you need one or not depends on the type of cruising you want to do. If you are interested in staying around ports and sea side villages then you probably do not need one. You will spend most evenings tied to a village pier or marina pontoon negating the need for a powered tender. If you are trying to get off the beaten track and are going to search out your own bays to anchor off the beach, then an outboard can be of use in making trips ashore that little bit less strenuous.
This varies with each yacht charter operator. Look to see if this option is offered when selecting your yacht if this is a service you would like.
A soft bags are recommended, because of storage the things on the yacht. It would be much easier than with hard cases, especially if it will bigger group of people.
The shoulder seasons of May/June and September/October provide cooler and less crowded sailing. July and August are the peak holiday months with high demand, prices, crowds and hot weather.
This is really dependent on what options each charter operator provides. You will see if wifi is provided or an option when looking at each yacht's details
Each charter operator will provide you full information on how to get local weather forecasts. After all, it is in everyone's interests to have a safe and enjoyable sailing holiday.

In order for yacht to be part of a charter fleet, it must comply with the local authorities safety requirements. All yachts must comply and would be surveyed on a regular basis.

You will be given a full safety briefing by the charter operator before leaving the dock on your sailing holiday that includes going through all the safety items onboard and where they are located

Yacht Charter Frequently Asked Questions

It's inevitable when you charter a yacht, you have a few questions. Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive.

If the there is something that you still need answered, please send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to help.