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Sailing The San Blas Islands

Sailing to the San Blas Islands has been one of my true sailing highlights. I was on a Lagoon 450 catamaran participating in the World ARC and were on our way to Panama City via the canal. We'd stopped in Colombia for a few days and the San Blas were just off the coast of Panama. 
Relatively untouched, we anchored off islands that had just a few shacks used by the Kuna Indian fishermen and their families. They moved from island to island in their small traditional sailing boats. Put us to shame I'm afraid.

Sailing the San Blas Islands

January 2015

The Kuna Indians from what I could see still live a pretty traditional life and their handwoven mola are incredibly colourful and intricate. The kids we met on one island we certainly pretty happy just playing and swimming amongst themselves. It was a pretty special time just getting a glimpse of how simple life could be. It helps when you live in a tropical paradise I guess!