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What Are The Port Fees In Greece?

If you are planning your next sailing holiday in Greece and wondering what port fees you might expect to pay, here's a handy guide* for you.

Greek Harbour Charges Guide

Harbour Fees Eastern Greece

Astipalaia: Mooring free water and power Euros 5 each per night. Subsequent nights stern to Euros 6.27; water from one tap; no electricity.

Aigina, Kea and Syros: All Euros 0.47 per metre plus 23% vat. Water and electricity extra at various rates.

Chalkis (Halki): Euros 8.54 for 12.2 meters, including water.

Chios, Langadha: Free, water on quay.

Epidavros: Euros 0.47 per metre plus 23% vat. Water and electricity extra.

Kalamos: Euros 11.30 for two nights (10.6 metres).

Ios: No mooring fees. Power and water: need to buy a card.

Itea: No mooring fees for two nights. PP visited.

Kea: Mooring fees Euros 7 first night Euros 5 the second night. Water and power wasn't working.

Kythnos (Loutra): Euros 6 per night.

Kea: Euros 0.47 per metre plus 23% vat. Water and electricity extra at various rates.

Khalkis Euros for two nights inc. water and power. PP visited.

Koufonisia: Euros 17 per night including water and electricity for boats 9 - 11 metres.

Kos Town: Euros 29 per night plus elec. & water.

Kyllini (W. Peloponissos): Euros 0. Water & electricity free.

Lavrion: Around Euros 25 inc. water and power - private port so they charge accordingly.

Lipso: Euros 4 mooring plus Euros 5.90 port fee. Water Euros 5.

Monemvasia: Euros 0 mooring plus free water.

Nisiros: No charge for mooring. Euros 5 for water and Euros 5 for power per day.

Naxos: Euros 15 per night including water and power.

Nea Klima: Free inc. water and power. PP visited.

Nisos Oinoussa (Mandraki): Free.

Nisos Psara: Free.

Orei: Euros 12 for three nights. Water and power via card. No PP.

Paphos: Euros 45 inc. water & elec. for five nights.

Poros: Floating pontoon free of charge.

Poros (South quay): Euros 7 for mooring.

Pythagorion, Samos: Euros 10. Water and power free.

Plomarion, Lesbos: PP request form completion. Statutory charges levied, but water/power at no extra cost. South Quay charged Euros 0.47 per metre. Water & electricity Euros 3 each.

Rhodes: Euros 11. Water and power extra.

Syros (Foinikas): Euros 6 per night.

Syros: Euros 0.47 per metre plus 23% vat. Water and electric extra at various rates.

Tilos (Livadia): Mooring Euros 11.50 plus Euros 5 each for water and power.

Tinos: Elec. free. Water free if you get it from the fountain.

Thasos: On the long quay no charge, no PP. Water and electric if you go stern to the quay by the road.

Note for Evvia. Most of the harbours on Evia are now policed by OLNE. Collection officials are erratic except in Chalkida where they also police the bridge. The formula was the same in all three places. It's Euros 80 per metre per year plus VAT. So a three day stay (two nights) was 9.85 x 80 x 3 / 365 = 6.48 plus VAT @23% = Euros 7.96. Also they charge by the day not night. Evia has a 12 Euro card which can be used in all the Evia ports that now have water/elec. points.

Harbour Fees Western Greece

Astros: Euros 0 for mooring. Power/water pillars installed but not yet connected.

Argostoli: Euros 15 per night.

Ag. Nikolaos: Free.

Big Vathi: Currently Euros 0 on quay.

Eufimia: Euros 1 per metre plus vat per night, plus one off charge of 5 Euros for water.

Frikes: Free.

Gaios, Paxos: Euros 19.5 for 12.8 metres. No electricity, no water. Free in early May.

Galaxidi: Euros 7.33 for 12.8 metres. Water & electricity extra.

Kastro: Free.

Kalamata: Euros 21 per night for 10 metres. Electricity, showers and washing machine provided - up to one tonne water for another Euros 4.00. Includes CA/RYA discount.

Kioni: Euros 0 on quay and Euros 4 for electricity. Electricity charge is supposed to be per day.

Katakolon: Euros 0 for mooring plus free water & elec.

Kaprisia: Euros 0 for mooring plus free water & elec.

Irkas: Euros 0 for mooring plus free water.

Itea: About 50 cents per metre/day.

Leonidion: Euros 7 mooring plus Euros 1 per 100 litres water.

Little Vathi: Euros 0 on town quay, Euros 39.50 inc. vat in the marina (11 metre boat).

Lefkas: Free on quay.

Messolonghi: Free (weekend).

Navpactos: Free, inc. water.

Nidri : Euros 0 on quay, Euros 11 on Athos pontoon.

Navplion: Euros 0 for mooring.

Poros: Free.

Preveza: Alongside, Euros 6 inc. water and electricity.

Pylos: Euros 0 for mooring plus free water by can (although there is also a water man).

Sami: Euros 5.93 per night (11 metre monohull).

Sivota: Euros 0 on Stavros pontoon.

Spartakhori (Porto Spilia): Free including water, electric.

Trizonia: Euros 0. PP just require you to fill in a form and show insurance.

Vonitsa: Free.

Zakinthos: Asked for Euros 20, accepted Euros 8.

*Obviously these fees are subject to change without notice and we recommend checking before hand to get up to date rates before visiting any of these ports.

Credit: Special thanks to www.cruiserswiki.org where this information was first published