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I'm Going On A Sailing Holiday - What Bag Should I Bring Aboard?

If you are going on a sailing vacation, where you will live on a charter sailboat, you want a bag that is:

Collapsible There is not much room on a boat. There will be no place to stash a hard sided suitcase.

Carry-on Everything you need should fit in a carry on as you don’t want to be stuck on the dock waiting for your lost luggage.

Dual purpose My favorite duffel can also be a beach bag, keeping towels and books for every one dry in the dingy.

A favorite suitcase to take on sailing vacation is a medium size Northface Base Camp Duffel. It is collapsible (so takes up no room on the boat), big enough to hold everything, small enough to carry on (so no waiting at the dock for your lost luggage), a backpack (so you can easily carry it through the airport or the islands), waterproof (so if you want to use it to carry your book and towel to the beach, they stay dry) and it comes in many great colors.